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Asia is considered as the most significant gambling or betting market in the world today, but that is not an unexpected fact since people in Asian countries make up at least 60% of the world’s population. There are also tendencies in the global market for Internet wagering that are present in these markets, like online evolution and increasing trends in using smartphones or mobile devices (tablets or phones). 

All these changes involve and imply technological measures to keep up with the surging demands. But the most significant changes that are happening in the gambling industry appear in the regulatory side too, where every city or state needs to keep up with the present phenomenon, and they need to create regulations and rules according to the demand. 

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As the online market is starting to experience a consistent growth because of the emergence of new technologies, as well as the increased accessibility of the Internet, it is high time to take a closer look at one of the fastest-growing online betting and wagering market – South East Asia and its neighboring countries.


The country has been regulating the gambling industry for years thought different laws and regulations, although most of them are illegal, the locals love to wager in different activities. They offer two forms of legal gambling in the country: horse race betting, which is usually addressed to its wealthy residents, and the national lottery, which is considered a big deal in Thailand and a lot of people can access. 

To satisfy the demand for gambling activities, there are casinos in Laos, Burma, and Cambodia, which Thai locals can visit. Even more, locals can play online and visit its land-based counterpart in other countries to collect their winnings. 

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As for online betting, which is pretty popular, the government can place their bets on sites that have the necessary licenses and legal in other countries, like the Philippines, Macau, or the United Kingdom, preferring sports gambling, online poker or casino games. 

Local players prefer bookies based on the country because they can offer a localized interface and most convenient payment methods. United Kingdom betting sites are also used, but it is not easy to deposit money and fund player’s account. Nevertheless, the United States website can offer in-play betting methods and higher degrees of safety and trust, especially for expatriates, tourists and foreigners living in the country.

The Philippines

This country is a mature gaming market with a lot of different wagering options available. The Philippines has a distinct approach to online gambling. There are two regions of purposes in the state: PAGCOR or the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, which is a state-owned and operates all online and land-based gambling establishment like casinos, sports betting, betting, and other forms of platforms. They are the sole authorized gambling operator in the Philippines. 

The other one is the Cagayan Special Economic Zone or the Cagayan Freeport, which is the only area in the Philippines that performs wagering operations outside the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation monopoly. Digital casinos in the country are pretty safe for players since PAGCOR basically owns and operates some these websites. 

Wagering establishments that bear PAGCOR or Cagayan licenses are safe to play in since it means that the government has verified these establishments or platforms that they operate within the bounds of the law. To know more about the online betting industry, check out websites like for more information.


The country is a Special Administrative Region with different laws and a separate government. Officially, they are part of China, but the country has its own capitalist economy, as well as a political system. The country allows land-based casino establishments, poker, and sports stakes to operate legally. It does not address, acknowledge, or license online betting. For digital casino operators, the country doesn’t permit online betting operations. 

Because it is not regulated, digital betting is not forbidden. Gamblers can bet on the Internet without facing any legal ramifications, which is very important to know since after online wagering activities are banned in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, they can provide a safe place for gamblers to play and bet in wagering activities safely. The country remains the richest gambling destination in the world and the center of the gambling world, even surpassing Las Vegas when it comes to revenues.

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